Alex Nyerges is an internationally-award-winning photographer, curator, author, and photo historian who has exhibited across the United States and Europe.  His work is in collections in New York, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Ohio, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Beach, Tampa, Richmond, Budapest, and elsewhere.  His work has been exhibited in Atlanta, Houston, Budapest, Richmond, Washington, D.C., among other places.

A native of Rochester, New York, the home of George Eastman and the Eastman Kodak Company, he grew up with a family tradition in photography and music.  He has been creating photographs in 35 mm, medium and large formats for more than forty years and digitally since 2002.  

Seeking out the elements of beauty that surround us, so often unseen and neglected in the built and natural worlds,  his work uses sunlight and its shadows to create works that are both modern and timeless.  Enjoy.  


726 South Pine Street
Richmond, Virginia 23220


2017 Cabin Fever, 1708 Gallery Annual Art Auction, Richmond, Virginia

2017 Forever Young, Group Exhibition, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa, Florida

2016  1708 Gallery at Linden Row, Group Photography Exhibition, Aimee Oliver, Curator,  Richmond, Virginia

2016  CURRENT Art Fair, presented by Glave-Kocen Gallery, Richmond, Virginia

2016  Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Member's Exhibition, Tampa, Florida

2016  Beyond the Boulevard, Historic Richmond, Honorary Chair, Richmond, Virginia

2016  Artists Support ChildSavers Benefit Exhibition, Glave-Kocen Gallery, Richmond, Virginia

2015  Chiaroscuro, A Group Show, Ghostprint Gallery, Richmond, Virginia

2015  Cosmotographer's Competition, Group Exhibition, Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C. Alan Fern, Director, National Portrait Gallery (retired), Juror

2015  Photographer's Forum 35th Annual Spring Photography Competition, Finalist, Received Award of Excellence.  Published in "Best of Photography 2015" catalogue. 

2015  Artists Support ChildSavers Benefit Exhibition, Glave-Kocen Gallery, Richmond, Virginia

2015  Trees, Group Exhibition, 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, California 

2015  Chasing the Light, Solo Exhibition, Glave-Kocen Gallery, Richmond, Virginia 

2015  24th Annual National Photography Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Louisville Center for the Arts, Louisville, Colorado

2015  Celebrating Southern California, Group Exhibition, Location 1980 Gallery, Costa Mesa, California

2015  Inside The Darkroom, Four-person Exhibition, Walton Gallery, Petersburg, Virginia

2014  Miami Photo Salon,  Kaplan Hall/Wolfson Auditorium, Miami, Florida

2014  Artists Support ChildSavers Benefit Exhibition, Glave-Kocen Gallery, Richmond, Virginia

2014  Contrast, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2014  Click: From the Mountains to the Sea, Glave-Kocen Gallery, Richmond, Virginia

2012  Thirtieth Annual Juried Membership Exhibition, Houston Center for Photography, Anne Wilkes Tucker, Juror

2012  Unbound,  International Juried Photography Exhibition, Candela Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, Gordon Stettinius, Juror

2012  National Juried Printmaking and Photography Exhibition, Art Space, Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Richard Waller, Juror.  

2012  Soul of Italy, Juried Art Exhibition, Ronald Reagan International Trade Center, Washington, D.C.  

2012  MetroMontage Juried Exhibition, Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia

2012  International Juried Photography Exhibition, 1212 Gallery, Richmond, Virginia,   Ignatius Widiapradja, Juror.   

2009  Think Small 5 Exhibition, Art Space, Richmond, Virginia


Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, California, San Francisco, Solana Beach, California, New York, New York, Dayton, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, Naples, Florida, Charlottesville, Virginia, Arlington, Virginia,  McLean, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Bethesda, Maryland, New Bremen, Ohio, St. Petersburg, Fla.,  Canandaigua, New York, Richmond, Virginia, Glen Allen, Virginia,  Clearwater Beach, Florida, Lake Worth, Florida

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