My Photography is a Visual Diary…

My photography is a visual diary…It is very much a tool, to express and describe my life, the same way poets or writers describe their life experiences.”
André Kertész

Photography is a medium that allows us to weave light, images, and thoughts into a visual mosaic that carries with it the power of words and the wonders of the eye. André Kertész was one of the cornerstone modernist photographers of the 20th century. He helped us change the way we see the world around us. He has been among the most important influences on my work, especially how I seek visual evidence of what moves me emotionally. Like Kertész, I try to imbue my photographs with inner meaning while capturing images of poetic beauty. It is this same passion that informs painters, writers, and sculptors. Photography as art is more than a literal translation of the visual, but a way to truly experience life.

“I interpret what I feel in a given moment. Not what I see, but what I feel.”
André Kertész

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